Even My Yoga's Spicy, Ya'll!

This may go without saying, but I'm generally a slothful food-a-holic with a very short attention span and occasional bouts of Type-A personality. (I wish I could say that I'm being hyperbolic in saying all that--I'm not. Tis' true). This makes exercising very difficult--if I'm at a typical yoga class or on a run I'm thinking about the following, all at the same time:
a.) a cheeseburger
b.) how boring exercise is
c.) chocolate
d.) how my legs/ankles/lungs/stomach/earlobes hurt too much to go any further
e.) how lame I am at fitness.

Thankfully, all that may have changed, now that I've found Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga consists of way too many people in tiny spandex clothing, doing deep balancing and stretching postures in a 104-115 degree room while being coached by a tiny, cut person with a headset. It's intense, and I've found that the only way I can make it through the 90 minute session is to concentrate all my willpower on doing the postures in a way that benefits my body. If I think for one second about the heat of the room, or how shallow my breathing is, I'm toast. (Mmmmm, toast with apple buttermmmmmmm!)

I've only gone 3 times, and my body is already changing. My torso is longer, and all the tension that I carry around in my chest and shoulders is gone. About 70 minutes into my second class, I was laying in corpse pose after a particularly sternum-crushing posture and it felt like a huge weight I didn't even know I'd been carrying around had been lifted off my chest. And laying there, chest heaving, red-faced, and covered in sweat after an hour + of cardio-heavy yoga, I felt like the happiest person on the planet. And I wasn't even thinking about chocolate.


  1. Could I ask where you go in DC for yoga? (you can email me lest all your blog fans show up to your yoga class :) - sara at imafoodblog dot com) I have the exact same issues with fitness but I really need to start doing something to counteract this obsessive need to cook food and then blog about it.

  2. Hi Sara! Soooo glad someone understands me! I go to Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill (on H and 4th Street, close to Union Station). They have an intro week--all you can yoga plus mat rental--for $29. Yelp.com was super helpful, if you want to browse the other studios in DC, too. Keep me posted, and drink lots of water! :)

  3. Ha ha! You crack me up. Bikram sounds great. I've been told not to do yoga until I get my back issues straightened out, so pilates is my current torture du jour. You know, the core and all that.

  4. Effing Standing Head to Knee Pose...who thought you could be bitter about a yoga pose?

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  6. Chocolate, bacon and Bikram yoga. I knew I liked you!