A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger

Not that ya'll need to know about my GI problems, this being a blog about eating and all, but the flu has kicked my ass. In lieu of posting the recipe for the protein-boost, grape, soy milk, cucumber smoothie monstrosity that I will be having for dinner tonight, I wanted to post about the odd life of a food blogger.

I never considered how food blogs come together as I surfed ClosetCooking and PassionateEater, but I'm hoping this post will give bloggers a good laugh, while aficionados and aspiring bloggers can get a peek into our weird, weird existence.

Wake up, still full from last night's dinner (crawfish pie w/remoulade-recipe coming soon).

Consider eating leftover stout-beer-braised corned beef for breakfast.

Remember that I've gained 6 pounds since I started foodblogging a month ago, settle for cereal.

Grab coffee, check Tastespotting; Seriouseats; Foodgawker over coffee. It's brain candy.

At work.

Work has removed links to an email my friend sent me w/"Food Porn" in the title--curious.

Hear boss stirring--instantly fear that I'll be fired for spending my slow days on food blogs.

Boss moves past, log onto Foodbuzz and check out my friends' posts.

My BFF emails me for bacon cupcake recipes.

I loathe the BFF for making me crave bacon cupcakes for the rest of the day.

Back at the ranch, I love BFF for feeding me bacon cupcakes w/peanut butter icing.

Pull prepped mini crawfish pies for Pi/e Party out of the freezer, bake.

Contemplate which plate will complement the "crawfish pie visual." Patterned? Cutesy, in a good way.

Pies are done baking. Choose the cutest one, delicately break it open to reveal flaky crust and colorful, buttery filling.

Eff it up, huge chunks of dough are crumbling into the filling.

Repeat attempt at artistic-pie-breaking till I only have 20 pies left for the party.

Curse that I'm losing natural light, plunk the best looking pie down on the plate. I like the contrast of the red and green in this one's filling.

Drizzle remoulade? Or pool it on the plate?

This decision takes 7 minutes.


Take 127 photos of the crawfish pie (no joke!), holding my breath (no tripod) in macromode (point n' shoot--someday, Nikon, someday).

Realize that I haven't even showered for the party. Crap! I'm always late (but bearing yummy things).

Resign myself to the single-minded, somewhat chaotic life of a food blogger.

Wonder if the DaringBaker's store is open yet, log on to check it out.StumbleUpon.com


  1. HAH they would take out references to food porn.

    I just read an article that made me scared of blogging. People are mean. Like the mean, mean haters out there who love to comment. Although I don't think food bloggers and their commenters are mean. Like if a mean commenter wrote something nasty about you, you could just send them some bacon cupcakes and crawfish pies and they would apologize and love you forever. YOU HAVE IT SO EASY.

  2. Hahahaha, or I could at least poison them with the bacon cupcakes..wait, I pretend I didn't just say that.