I called in sick to work today. My household has the stomach flu, and now I am STARVING. Do NOT browse when you're unable to eat.

I suppose that I am also crazy anxiety/sick/ate too much MSG dreams used to be about losing my ass "in the weeds" while waitressing, or cross-examining a surly witness while opposing counsel screamed at me (both of these situations are, unfortunately, rooted in reality). Last night? I dreamed about cooking 5 dishes at once, and ruining all of them. I woke up several times in the middle of the night, thinking that if only I'd used more flour, the pie crust wouldn't have melted onto the floor, resulting in my okra catching fire, and then I would have noticed the soup boiling over, etc.

In summary, I need a food-blogger's version of a Unicorn Chaser. And nothing makes me more dreamy-eyed than remembering the moment that Mr. Luz gently nudged me, leaned over, and softly whispered "I think I found your engagement present" while showing me this:

Ok, maybe it wasn't that romantic, and by way of background (MOM) you should know that I've put a 5 year moratorium on talking about wedding bells (I am only 27). But I like knowing that one day, I will give up my freedom to a man who has fantastic taste in wine cellars, and if ever the marriage becomes rocky, I can traipse down my adorable spiral stairs, grab a bottle of bubbly, and drink away the

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  1. Hey Nin`a.
    Just wanted to let you know Poppa need more grandchildren and soon. I am running out of tomorrows.