Reparations II: Pi/e Party!

I shall continue to flagellate myself with fatty substances (not possible) for my brief stint on the Darkside. This time, it's Crisco!

Here are some fun pics from my Georgetown Lovahs' (plural-don't be jealous) Pi/e Party. I'm not sure how far back this tradition goes, but every year around March 14th, the ladies celebrate 3.14 with flaky-butter-ensconced-circles. Genius!

This year the highlight of the party was either a.) Liza Jane's fantastic Pecan Pie w/a homemade crust or b.) Georgetown Lovah's (singular) Icing Pie. Seriously, she baked a chocolate cake into a pie shell, then sculpted 6 tubs of vanilla icing on top. Behold.

Check out our spread! Rockin' pecan pie is there in the back, right before carnage ensued.
My wee (and not circular, cringe) crawfish pies w/remoulade dipping sauce. I sprinkled cajun seasoning on top before baking.
Mmmm, sweet and savory in one shot.


  1. Ohh--I'll have to share my French blueberry pie recipe (although I use WAY more blueberries than the recipe calls for) it is OH SO YUMMY! And I figure it's *healthy* b/c blueberries have so many antioxidents, right?

  2. As someone who used to painstakingly eat every bit of cake but the icing, just so that I could have those few precious bites of pure icing at the end, that pie was like heaven.