Adventures in Babysitting!

Papayablue thinks that I may have read too many "Babysitter's Club" books as a kid, but I really do love and sort of miss babysitting.

You should note that following Papaya's logic would suggest that I also live in a yellow boxcar with my brothers and sisters, and am currently busy solving the Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk w/my pals Bess and George. I do, and I am.

My feminist leanings no longer permit me to traipse about my neighborhood with homemade refrigerator magnets that say "Hire E.Lee for Babysitting! Phone Number: XXXXXXX. Red Cross Certified Child and Infant CPR." However, they do permit me to occasionally help out a friend in need by covering his wee ones in icing and sprinkles, and then tying up his house with 3 skeins of yarn while he takes his wife out to dinner.
Three and a half hours later, and the kids are still happy. I'd say it was a success.

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