Food Imitating Art? Or Art Imitating Food?

This is S.'s creation from our weekend in the Wilderness. It's sort of a collaboration between her and Mr. Luz; he made the fresh blueberry pancakes, and she was inspired to make this painting with the splashes of fuchsia blueberry juice on her paper plate. I would love to blow this up and hang it in our kitchen. There's something (ba-dum-ching) about it.

S.'s painting illustrates why I love to prepare and share my food. Her painting is beautiful, but abstract enough to mean something different to everyone. Similarly, food is interactive--by its very nature it elicits a reaction in everyone, and depending on the food that reaction can be highly complex and exciting, or it can be familiar and comfortable.

Like art, food is highly personalized but also communal. I love to share my "creations" with people and watch as they mull over the colors, aromas, textures, and flavors and open themselves up to the experience. I may not have talent for painting, film, or singing, but I am content with what I am able to convey with some fresh veggies, a wooden spoon, and my favorite heavy-bottomed


  1. I am presuming those lines in the painting are knife marks from cutting up the pancakes. I like how the blueberry juice seeps into the crevices. If I didn't know that was just blueberry juice on a paper plate, I'd think it were watercolor!

  2. I was definitely inspired. If you double click on it, you can enlarge it to the max. I might make some prints...It's a little on the grotesque side when it's blown up that big, but I do like the ambiguity of it.