Tales from the Office

True Story:

Magnificent Mallory: Have you been to Matchbox? (D.C. restaurant near my house).

Me: No, but my impression is that it's like Applebee's, but at Capitol Hill prices. Which, come to think of it, is the curse of many Capitol Hill restaurants. Check Yelp.com.

Magnificent Mallory: Yeah...I may be going there tonight. My friend really likes it, but she's..a Republican.

You are perfection, Ms. Magnificent.StumbleUpon.com


  1. So Matchbox was good even though our server (and everyone sitting on the patio with us) HATED us. It could have been that everyone had to listen to all of our conversations because we were that loud. But later that night I got into a heated political debate with the Republican. All of my friends saw that it was coming and said "MALLORY STOP IT RIGHT NOW. STOP IT. LOCK IT UP." But I just couldn't. So everyone went outside to smoke so they didn't have to listen to the shitshow ensue, and then they came back a half hour later and stopped us. Don't mix booze and Republicans.

  2. Ha! We all know that Republicans cannot be trusted for their restaurant reviews.

    Thanks for the laugh. :)