This may be the shortest-lived relationship I've had since I "dated" Dan for approx. 6 days in 8th grade. (Girls, never give in to that older, sweet dude who courts you for months even though you're not that into him. I don't CARE that "he has a car" and takes you to Dairy Queen. If you date him, you'll end up liking him just in time for him to dump you for a girl his own age.)

Right now I'm talking about my steamy relationship with Bikram Yoga, which at the time of this posting has lasted approx. 11 days and 20 hours. I really, really love pushes me to focus, it's giving me some rockin' abs, and I feel a million times better after leaving the studio. But in order to even make it through half of the postures without feeling like there's a fireball in my chest, I have to abstain from eating hot sauce.

That means no bloody marys. No hot wings. No gumbo. No Louisiana hot sauce on my eggs for at least 12 hours before class. What?! I'm not ready to do that! We go through a bottle of hot sauce every two weeks. How am I supposed to make my famous neon-orange cheese grits without hot sauce?

I fear that the only way I can hang onto both Bikram and cayenne/vinegar goodness may be to get up early and do 90 minutes of grueling exercise BEFORE brunch. Again, WHAT?!

I just don't know if I'm prepared for that kind of

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  1. Do not dispair my Dear. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut. My suggestion is abstinence. Forego yoga one day for hot sauce then damn the tomatoes, full steam ahead the next