Who Doesn't Love 25 cent Martinis?

Well, it's back to the grind, ya'll. Mr. Luz and I just spent 4 days in New Orleans for a wonderful homecoming. Every once in awhile, it was unsettling to be enjoying NOLA as a tourist, and for such a short time. It was like having the perfect dream after you hit the snooze button--you intuit that it's fleeting, and have a difficult time accepting that.

Luckily, I get to relive some of the debauchery here. I decided not to review every meal, but I will post pictures that I hope will illustrate the unique beauty that keeps N'awlins on the hearts and minds of those who have enjoyed her decadent ways.

Our first full day in NOLA, we celebrated 25 cent Martini Lunch at Commander's Palace. In addition to beautiful dining rooms and flawless service, Commander's offers a diverse menu and four different martinis for 25 cents each during Martini Lunches.

(And before I forget, this Top Chef's season finale was filmed there! I can't wait to check it out, even if the German dude wins.) From the minute that you walk into the restaurant, every one greets you warmly and treats you like a VIP guest. We sat in their downstairs dining room, and enjoyed the easy pace as we sipped our first martinis and waited for our menus.

I ordered their gulf shrimp with melted onions and Abita beer BBQ sauce on grits, and Mr. Luz chose their Black Angus short ribs on creole cream cheese smashed potatoes. My shrimp were spicy and rich, and the citrus in my (25 cent!) cosmopolitan made every bite new and tasty. The fact that Commander's uses Certified Black Angus beef meant that Mr. Luz's short ribs were perfectly marbled and tender.
Mama and Pappa each had the smoked pork loin, which was cooked perfectly and tasted DIVINE, and Mama opted for the crab boil winter vegetables as a healthier option to the molasses sweet potato prep on the menu.
Of course, you can't go all out for Martini Lunch and not linger over dessert. These are trying economic times! We shared the fresh baked strawberry shortcake and the brioche bread pudding, and enjoyed our last martini(s) while basking in the glow of a quintessentially New Orleans experience.

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  1. We are kindred spirits!! Just finding you through the Daring Bakers- your bacon cheesecake really caught my attention- and 25 cent martinis!! I knew exactly where you were! We were just there in March and enjoyed the same thing.