The Cavalcade of Marinade I: Broiled Soy Garlic Flank Steak Recipe

It is nowhere near grilling time in D.C. (even though they promised 60 degree weather today...liars) but this week I really, really wanted a large cut of red meat on some veggies after our trip to NOLA. Maybe I failed to mention this, but besides the Holy Trinity (see below) and the jalapeno-pickled green beans (or, jala-beanos) in my bloody marys, I ate nary a veggie while we were there.

I went to the grocery store, and picked out a nice flank steak and a boatload of produce. I happen to love flank steak, though most people find it difficult to prepare. Maybe it's the thin cut, but it always absorbs the flavor of marinades so well, and tastes aged and therefore more like a restaurant steak than a grocery store steak to me.

The process known as "wet aging" allows the muscle tissue to relax, and the cuts are therefore more tender. It also does away with that twangy, metallic taste that steaks sometimes have, so all you get is sweet beef flavor. You can see why this is desirable...

There are a few tricks to preparing a great flank steak, but the three primary ones are: 1. Marinade overnight in the proper marinade 2. Do not overcook it--because it is so lean, flank steak is best served medium rare to medium. 3. Cut across the grain for tender slices.

It's important to find the proper marinade for your cut of meat. A marinade that's too acidic or salty will leave the meat mushy and unable to retain its juices upon cooking. A marinade with too much oil will be bland. Here's one of my favorite marinades, featuring a few of my favorite ingredients. The agave adds a rich sweetness that is pretty complex without being almost adds a sweet buttermilk flavor to the more forward and sharp Asian flavors.

I love this Star's Garlic Olive Oil--making your own garlic olive oil is fun, but it goes bad quickly and you run the risk of bacteria ruining a wonderful meal. Why not pick some of this lovely brew up at your grocery store, and flavor everything from salad dressing, to marinade, to chicken soup with it?

Soy Garlic Flank Steak
1 flank steak, trimmed
1/2 cup Star's Garlic Olive Oil
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
3 tbs. agave sweetener (trust me on this one)
4 cloves garlic, chopped
black pepper
1 small bunch green onions, sliced

Mix everything but steak together in a small bowl. Place steak in a plastic, resealable bag and pour marinade over the top. Marinate overnight on the bottom shelf of your fridge, turning occasionally.
Bring flank steak in marinade to room temperature. This step is very important for cooking the steak evenly. Remove from marinade, and place on broiler pan. Broil for 4 minutes on one side, 3 minutes on another. Remove and let rest for 10 minutes. Slice across the grain, and serve.


  1. Every year on my birthday I used to ask for flank steak for dinner. I'm pretty it started at the age of about 2 and lasted until I moved out.

  2. This is why we're best friends.

  3. Need pictures of finished product please! :D

  4. Anon.--thanks for the advice! Alot of times I prep/cook on Sunday afternoons, and then we heat everything up or I finish it on a weeknight. Those lighting conditions make things look gross alot of the time, but I'm working on some fancy equipment to provide a more full experience.