It's King Cake Season in NOLA!

Twelfth Night has begun, and that means it's officially King Cake season! If you've never been to New Orleans during Carnivale (the month-long celebration up to, and including, Fat Tuesday) then you've missed out on this tasty cinnamon brioche confection. According to tradition, a small baby Jesus trinket is baked into the King Cake, and whoever gets the piece with the baby must bring the King Cake to the next gathering. Two of my favorite people on earth have been transplanted to D.C. with me, and since we can't just roll down to the Whole Foods on Magazine Street to pick up our King Cake, the Transplants decided to learn how to bake them. For some reason, there seems to be a shortage of Tiny Baby Jesus in D.C. (just ask the Evangelical Republicans), so they had to make due with some more...devious? trinkets, courtesy of a nice lady at a local wine shop. Check out the recipe here

The Trinket I: Now that I think about it, it probably wouldn't be socially acceptable to show a baby Jesus half-buried in a bowl of pecan and sugar cane filling...
Though traditional King Cakes are round, and SMOTHERED in thick icing and purple, green, and yellow sprinkles, our Yankee version came out beautifully.

Trinket II: Looks like Mr. Luz has to bring the next King Cake.

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