SOS Please Someone Help Me: Cookie Cake Recipes

Now that I have Rhianna's song stuck in your head, I thought I'd put out an APB (SOS, APB? Am I an air traffic controller?) for recipes, ideas, or advice. It's time for me to start planning and practicing for this year's Holiday Dessert Contest. This year I wanted to make something a little less...architectural than my last year's winning entry. My current idea, inspired by my office breakfasts of late, is to make several GIANT Girl Scout Cookies. For presentation points, I'll probably also make a giant cookie box in some bright primary color, and I'll paste my co-workers' heads onto Girl Scout bodies for that signature look. I'm going to update this post with any progress I make on developing recipes, but here's what I'm looking for:

Thin Mint Cookie Cake: I'm thinking of a sort of crunchy, cookie brownie for this. Any tips or recipes for that sort of thing? What about the best way to incorporate mint flavor into a baked item? I'd also like to make it sort of dimpled and chocolate-covered, like a thin mint, but that may just take some practice.

Samoa Cookie Cake: I want that chocolate-covered vanilla cookie bottom, with a really chewy, dense coconut caramel top. This may be difficult, because I'll need a 4 inch "chewy" layer. Maybe the secret is to make the coconut element more to scale? Like, instead of flakes, I make coconut bars, and toss that in caramel? Any ideas?

Tagalong or Do-Si-Do Cookie Cake: The final challenge. I don't want to make a Tagalong, because it'll just be a flattened chocolate-covered peanut butter dome on a chocolate base. I already have a chocolate-covered cookie in the Thin Mint, and I want to have some fun. The alternative is to make two giant crunchy peanut butter cookies, and layer them with a peanut butter cream. Is it possible to make a giant peanut butter cookie that's cooked long enough to make it crispy w/out burning it? Ideas