Oyster Po'boy, How I love You....

In life, it's important to have things you can rely on. Sometimes, you go through your week, and it seems like you experience one disappointment after another.
I know I've felt like that, and when I do, it's wonderful to know that New Orleans never changes (category 5 hurricanes, I'm talking to you!):

1. There will always be impromptu concerts, where you're sitting at dinner, contemplating the turtle soup on the menu(the answer is always "Yes," by the way), when in strolls 6 or 7 people who are solely there to do what they love...play music for perfect strangers.
2. Impromptu concerts will always make you grateful to be exactly where you are...something that doesn't happen enough, if you ask me.
3. True NOLA locals will always understand the significance of the "to-go cup."
4. There are few things in this world that have the restorative powers of an oyster/catfish/blackened shrimp/pork debris po'boy.

Don't you feel better already??


  1. Mostly I feel like I need to run to the store and purchase a dozen oysters and a deep fryer.

  2. One of my favorite things to eat in the world!! I have never tried to make my own though. I went to LSU and we used to drive to New Orleans sometimes for dinner (and the fun). Maspero's was a cheap but great place to eat and I always always always got the Oyster sandwich on a french roll. Same taste as the poboy but in a different shape! You did a great job on your poboys :-)