Regretful Hiatus

All told this Summer, I've:

Unloaded 2 moving trucks, & packed and unpacked one of those
Entertained approx. 50 house guests total (including 4 overnight guests)
Grilled or braised approx. 70 lbs. of meat
Helped organize 4 work-related celebrations (weddings, birthdays, going-aways)
Planned 2 birthday soirees for people I love dearly
Taken 0 non-work-related/non-mandatory "vacations"
Gone to yoga a mere 2 times since June
Kissed Mr. Luz 1/50th of the times I should have

I've had alot of fun, and a few low-blood-sugar induced meltdowns, but it's time for a break.

I'm going home to St. Louis this weekend to spend time with Mama and Papa BaCon and BaCon Bit. While I'm there I'll drink too much beer with friends I've known for half my life, celebrate a Culinary School graduation (sooo proud of you, Nazer!), and visit my second family at Annie Gunn's restaurant and maybe cry a little because I don't see those guys enough. After that, who knows? Sleep, sunshine, and lots of trashy books, if I can help it.

Hopefully you guys are still around when I can stand the sight of my kitchen again, because my little blogging world has come to mean alot to me these past 6 months. And until then, I really will miss you, and eat more cheese!


  1. I hereby promise to eat more cheese starting TONIGHT. The blogosphere will miss you, but luckily I don't have to. Mwhaha, suckaaas.

  2. I will be here eating string cheese and sipping on my Boozy Paint can -- it makes a great mixer and a cup! Have a great time.