"I Always Feel Like Somebody's Waaatching Meeee"

So I added a new widget today, and I now have a crazy obsession with watching it tick by. I'm using Wowzio's Live Activity Feed on my sidebar and....it's a little scary.

I guess on a good day I get 1 reader a minute here at BaCon, but before I saw that little ticker bump up and announce that someone from the Philippines has arrived, then someone from Vermont, then...well, it was just a number. Now you're all people.

People who are professionally trained in all of this. (Ok, but Emeril, I mean it. Change your damned menus!) People who do things like judge my overuse of cliches and my laziness when it comes to adding the proper accent mark to words like "cliche." People who hate the Bacon Meme (you just wait till I make my Bacon Burlesque outfit-- top hat, corset, ect.--and Bacon jumps the shark once and for all).



  1. A "jump the shark" reference on a food site. I am in the right place.

  2. The Wowizo widget is amazing. You can watch people stalking you in real-time. Technology is a wonderful thing.