Well, dear readers, the time has come for my big "Summer Vacation," where I bid you adieu for several weeks, only to resurface with an obligatory Daring Baker post that includes some discussion about "where has the summer gone, I'm no baker, blah, blah" before I set some more shit on fire and cover it with sauce for you.

I know you are all dying to know where I'm going for vacay, and to that I say: Camp Energy Nerd in Lansing, Michigan!! No, really, it's called Camp NARUC (National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners), which directly translates into "Energy Nerd."

From their brochure, Camp NARUC:

Creates a unique opportunity for total immersion in modern regulatory theory, institutions, and processes.


Provides an opportunity to learn from highly skilled experts representing various disciplines and backgrounds.

Eeep! So excited. Because I love all that geeky stuff, but I also love...

Concerts on the quad at Michigan State University.... "Highly skilled experts" in camp-casual apparel (camp dress code) "totally immersing" themselves in the hula, and...Goodie bags! I've been needing some new pens and a cool canvas tote bag.... You so wish you were me.

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