International Bacon Day!

I'm taking a break from my break to give you some bacony goodness that was too tantalizing to pass up. [Alliteration, yum.]

September 5 was International Bacon Day, and because I'm slow on the uptake, I deem September 5-12 International Bacon Week. In reality, all good things take at least a week to celebrate (you should be around for my birthday) so it's not too much of a stretch. Also, next year I demand a King and Queen of International Bacon Week. I want a pageant, and fanfare, and bacon-adorned regalia. I don't even have to be Queen, but I do have to be a member of the Court so I can get a tiara.***

Did you miss International Bacon Day? Well, you haven't missed Bacon Week, and here are some fun ways others partied on the 5th to inspire your own celebration.

The Royal Bacon Society, mysterious inner circle that they are, hosted a Bacon Day extravaganza in Santa Barbara, CA. As reported by Jennifer Eolin of the New Old Biddy, Bacon Day boasted creative cookies, bacon caramels, a tasty goat-cheese bacon concoction, and bacon strips drowning in a chocolate fountain. Jennifer's post also reviews some of the bacon-flavored novelties scurrilously capitalizing on the bacon meme (click on my Ads! click on my Ads!)

Bacon mints? Eh. I vote for J&D's bacon lip balm. It's just like rubbing smoky bacon all over your face in the name of beauty, and don't act like that doesn't sound awesome. RBS is promising recipes soon, but if I were you I'd just get one of those chocolate fountains, fry up a pound of extra smoky bacon, and have that for dinner.

Wan Life to Live risked life and limb to make a tasty bacon tempura. The recipe is fairly technical for all you chem geeks out there, and the end results looked divine. Not only is this bacon deep-fried, but it's deep fried in a puffy, airy, crispy coating that's perfect for dipping in ranch dressing. And Wan cusses a fair bit on her blog, which I find endearing. Crass bloggers of the world, unite!

And of course, the industry folks over at have dozens of ideas for your International Bacon DayWeek parties. Their favorite?'s ready-made Bacon Explosion, which may be available soon at your local grocery stores. Just think, the next time you're in the mood for a woven-bacon log filled with sausage and covered with BBQ sauce, you just have to run down to the grocery store and pick one up along with your prescription of Prevalite.

The International Bacon Day blog, which explains that IBD has been celebrated in at least 6 countries and embraces Vegetarians and Non-pork eaters by also recognizing the glory of non-pork bacon substitutes, will have a summary of all the 2009 festivities soon. That means we get to start planning for next year.

****The AntiCraft ladies remind those who wish to make their Pork Princess tiara: "You are going to be working with an enzyme that bonds protein. You are made of protein. Unless you want to glue your lungs together or glue your eyelids to your eyeballs, you absolutely must follow these safety rules."

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