MmmmmmBoozy Paintcan

Perhaps you have gotten the idea that Mama and Papa BaCon are the sort of folks who have their priorities in order (slow cooker ribs and chocolate cake in a mug, anyone?).

I could tell stories about mis padres that would make your eyes cross with jealousy, but rather than do that, I'll simply share the wonderful craziness that is my family.

I give you, The Paintcan. The Paintcan came into our lives thanks to the generosity of one bearded, wild-haired "neighbor" on a camping trip long ago and far away. After a long day of shouting between campsites about bugs, matches, and fishing lures, he made his way over to our site and offered my dad....a paintcan. Filled with booze.

From that moment on, The Paintcan has been solidified in the family's lore. We make it at every BBQ and on most camping trips as a nod to its originator, Mr. WildhairedBeardGuy. BaCon Bit, aka the little sister who is too cool to read my blog, even personalized a paintcan for Papa BaCon with handles for easy shaking and sipping. It's chilly, and refreshing, and just boozy enough--though I wouldn't drink a whole one yourself, or, as Papa BaCon knows from personal experience, you're liable to end up with a trash can on your head.

The Paintcan

Take 1 clean gallon paintcan, available from your friendly Paint store. Fill 3/4 way with ice.


1/2 can Frozen lemonade
1/2 can Frozen limeade
1/2 bottle of your favorite Vodka (WOOT!)

Fill the remainder of paintcan with Sprite

Gently tap the lid on TIGHT.
Wrap the can in a towel and shake vigorously until ice forms on the sides. (The towel will freeze to the can, and then you'll know it's ready.) Put the towel over the lid and use a paintcan opener to release the lid (popping with a loud fizz).

Pour and


  1. so... how do you make sure the paint can is REALLY clean?

  2. Be sure to but an EMPTY can from your paint store then hot soapy water, freash water rince and a half a bottle of booz and your good to go

  3. To good to read your blog,eh? Well, I will admit it is hard when my computer no longer pulls up the internet but while at mom and pop's I decided to check it out. My advice on the paint can, If you decide to get handles welded on be sure to keep the flame farther away from the can, I went through three before I had a can with no holes in the sides