Impromptu Dinner Party By Candlelight...

Last night Mr. Luz, Foxy, and I received an unexpected gift, thanks to our electric utility and maybe an overzealous power-tool-operator up on H Street.

Around 4pm, our electricity went out for no apparent reason, and it was out for blocks and blocks. We'd invited some of Mr. Luz's family friends over for drinks, but it wasn't a problem. Who wouldn't love an opportunity to drink prosecco by candlelight on a random Monday evening?

Around 8pm, we still didn't have power. Mr. Luz started thinking about the rapidly melting homemade strawberry ice cream in our freezer, and our new neighbors became concerned about the halibut that they brought back from a fishing trip in Alaska. (Similarly, I was concerned about all the beer that was growing warm in our fridge, and busied myself with consuming it all before it reached room temperature...) Clearly, we had to feast, lest everything go to waste.

I set off to light a trail of candles leading to the bathroom and pull out a few more wine glasses, while Mr. Luz gathered the neighbors on either side of us for an impromptu potluck. In the end, we dined on mismatched dishes, by the light of the Weber grill and tiki torches. Our patio tables were covered with rich slices of Saint-Andre triple creme cheese and crusty french bread; the freshest grilled halibut I've ever tasted, with its own homemade tartar sauce; huge ears of grilled sweet corn; garlicky gazpacho soup;and various and sundry other leftovers from this weekend's cooking marathon.

Late into the night, Mr. Luz passed out coffee mugs filled with softened strawberry ice-cream to our 6 wonderful guests. And after we'd finished dessert, the lights came back on and our peaceful, lazy spell was broken. Everyone was a little sad as they went back to their homes to reset the alarm clocks, adjust the A/C, and settle into bed. As much as I appreciate modern conveniences, it's also nice to turn off all of the electronics, shut down the air-conditioning units, and spend some time outdoors--just enjoying the stillness and connecting with the people in our lives. Maybe I'll trip a circuit breaker or two in August (after Mr. Luz makes more ice cream) just for fun.

NOTE: I did not take the photo shown above, but rather I found it on Google Images and have been unable to find the source of it. If you know the source, please comment below so I can give credit to the photographer. Thanks!

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  1. I like it when I come home from a truly crap day and I find a nice go-with-the-flowy blog post to greet me.