Spicy Slow-Cooker Roast Beef Sandwiches

I guess this post is going to be in a different format, because Blogger is driving me C-R-A-Z-Y and my butt hurts too much to sit on the couch much longer tonight. Yeah, my sciatic nerve is pinched. As in, my muscles and the discs in my vertebrae are conspiring against my awesomeness and are actually crushing the huge nerve that runs through my butt, lower back, and leg. I am a cranky blogger.

That's not even true. I am a painful blogger, with so much good news it's insane. I can't post about any of it right now, but I can say that I get on a plane on Friday, and my final destination is alll about the food. I also have awesome dinner plans for Thursday that involve a little bit of D.C. and a little bit of NOLA. And soon, I'm going to be famous! That's also not even true. But there's lots of good news.

Your good news for the day? Slow-cooked browned meat in spicy broth. This recipe comes straight from Mama, and pretty rich, spicy, and cheesy. It's also very easy--like every good Midwestern meal, most of it is prepared for you in advance and the rest just cooks in its own juices till you can't stand it anymore.

Spicy Slow-Cooker Roast Beef:
2 lb. Beef Sirloin Roast
2 Tbs. Cooking Oil
Salt, Pepper
1 Packet Italian Dressing Mix
1 small jar Sliced Hot Banana Peppers
1 16 oz. can Beef Broth
5 cloves Garlic, crushed
Crushed red pepper
Provolone or another softer white cheese (pepperjack if you're brave)
Hoagie rolls

1. Rinse the beef and pat dry with paper towels, then season with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a heavy-bottomed pot over medium high heat and brown the beef.

2. Add the beef and the next 4 ingredients to a slow cooker, adding 1 Tbs. of the banana pepper juice. Cook on high for 9 hours.

3. Shred the beef and return to the cooker. Add red pepper to taste, and cook on low until the meat is fork tender (2-3 hours).

4. Serve on sliced hoagie rolls, and top with cheese. Enjoy!StumbleUpon.com

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  1. I love banana peppers!! I need a slow cooker. Who doesn't like slow-cooked meat?