Every Vote Counts!

Hey all, please please please take a second to vote in my little survey. Even if you are a first time reader, go ahead and weigh in.

Because guess what? If you don't, I'll sit right down right now and post about my myriad of health problems of late, and yoga poses, and yoga instructors, and hell maybe even my new yoga ball and the health benefits of drinking coconut water, and trying to keep my calcium up so I don't cramp, and then you'll reeeeeeeeeeeeeally regret not voting.

Also, I google-imaged "bacon" and "yoga," together and came up with the picture on the left. I guess it just goes to show ya' that yoga can't cure everything.StumbleUpon.com


  1. As long as 'bacon', 'smoked meat' or any other corollary words appear in the post, yoga away! 8-D

  2. That picture is hilarious.

  3. Ahahahaha, one of my particularly tough instructors said in the middle of class one day "Do you hear that? Ssssssssssssssssssssssss!? It's the sound of your fat, cooking off you like bacon grease!" I died laughing, so maybe you have something there. ;)