Happiness is....Zingerman's Bacon Bread!

I'm willing to speculate that law school, and all of its attendant procrastination and stress eating, made me the food blogger that I am today. (Thanks, Tulane Law...it almost makes up for all 3,456 of the panic attacks you gave me.)

I cooked for friends in law school partly because we were reduced to such a sad existence. My cooking looked amazing when compared to the vending machine options at Weinmann Hall. And when you're terribly miserable, anything given in the spirit of generosity--even an overcooked hamburger--is like a gift from the heavens. People often returned the favor with wine and cookie donations, but no one appreciates my cooking like our good friend, Mr. Jacoby.

During law school, Mr. Jacoby loaded me up with baked goods that he made from fresh and exotic ingredients. I still dream about a loaf of blueberry bread that he brough me--it probably had at least 3 sticks of butter in it, it was so rich! MMmsnorglemmmm. Mr. Jacoby is in Texas now, a mere 1000-something miles from D.C. Even so, he managed to deliver some tasty baked goods recently in the form of Zingerman's Pepper Bacon Farmhouse bread! Zingerman's has a Deli and Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, MI and its full-service bar restaurant, The Roadhouse, has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation. They do a booming "mail order" business, which is how I came to experience the glory that is Zingerman's thanks to Mr. Jacoby. (On my Christmas list, their "Guide to Better Bacon"..it has a bacon fat mayonnaise recipe!) And in my opinion, they make the best bread in the country. What's so special about it?

Short answer: Everything.

The crust is rich and crackling, the inside is dense and chewy. And the black pepper applewood smoked bacon flavor? Aacckkk((09danl;iwer*!!!!! I maybe had it for dinner one night covered in goat cheese. It was so smoky, and salty, and spicy. I mean, its meat bread. How can you go wrong? (FYI, we also had another loaf jam-packed with huge raisins and walnuts, but I ate it before I could take any pictures.) And so, Mr. Jacoby, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, for being a wonderful friend and my culinary co-counsel, and especially for sending me meat bread. You are my favorite.



  1. Looks and sounds delicious! I just had supper and I'm stuffed, yet hearing that makes me hungry! Waaah!

  2. "Saint Louie woman
    without a diamond ring,
    pulls that man around
    by her apron strings..."

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ms. Concentrate. I'm always happy to proselytize for Zingerman's.

    -"Turbo" Jacoby

  3. Damn you, Jacoby! Where's *my* Zingerman's Bacon Bread?

    Ms. Concentrate, once you get your "Guide to Better Bacon," be sure to check out the Grits & Bits Waffles recipe. This is the go-to breakfast at the Roadhouse. Yum!

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Wolfe! I'm very excited about a Zingerman's christmas this year. :)

    Turbo, you're my favorite. That is all.