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I'm right smack in the middle of our Holiday/Wedding Travel Marathon (On the agenda: VA-MO-WV-KY-CA-WV-FL-LA-MO-LA in 6 months). That means that we're indulging in alot of fast/frozen food. And cooking, when it happens, has become a bit of a resentment as it's sandwiched between packing, cleaning, and crying into Foxy's sweet, sweet fur as I say goodbye for the 30th road trip. I promise that over Christmas, while I'm cozied up in my apartment with Mr. Luz and Fwaf and not going anywhere, I will post more wintry soups, casseroles, and braised meats than you can even imagine. You'll hate me come March when it's time to diet, I promise.

In the meantime, here are some Food News Headlines from this week with a little BaCon twist.

Critics Say UN Food Summit Wasteful, Ineffective
Quote from the International Committee of Concerned Mothers: “There are starving children in China who would kill for those caucuses”

Food Fight: Sarah Palin Ticks Off Vegetarians and Vegans in her New Book, 'Going Rogue'
Handlers say that now the only people who are not pissed off at the idiocy of Sarah Palin are Rush Limbaugh and...Sarah Palin.

Burger King Franchisees: Management's Ideas 'Ill-conceived'
Franchisees say that new burger promotions vomit cash, cause major headaches, and make future agreements hard to swallow.

And in other Burger King news.....

Whoppers Tame Tigers for 2nd Win
Tigers say they are vegetarians. And pissed off at Sarah

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